Sexy Unique Corsets and Lingerie Costumes Plus Size Women with International Shipping USA.

Sexy Unique Corsets and Lingerie Costumes Plus Size Women with International Shipping USA.

Sexy corsets for all sizes and all shapes with international shipping. Plus size corsets and bustiers tops.

One of the oldest but edgiest looks around is the corset. Its impact on the figure is undeniable—enhancing the hip and upper body curvature. At Corset Chick, body shape enhancing items are their specialty! Corset Chick offers a wide array of edgy clothing items. From theme lingerie items to costumes, Corset Chick has got some of the sexiest styles around. Find your best plus size corsets and bustiers tops, and match them with a tutu.

Here at Plus Size Corset Stores, they bring serious appreciation for creativity and individuality. 

We love seeing conventional looks reinvented, and Corset Chick has done just that. Their collection includes corsets that can be worn every day. Their black velvet velour top is a nice sit-in for a black shirt or tank top while creating an hour-glass silhouette.
Its simplicity is so versatile that you can mix and match with many different looks.
For example, you can mix the corset with Corset Chick’s Victorian Style Long Skirt to create an evening gown look. Or, you can combine it with one of their many frill dresses to create the perfect gothic ensemble. Or, combine it with one of their risqué miniskirts for a clubbing look.Corset Chick has got every sexy look down. Their catalogue is filled with some of the edgiest corsets, lingerie, and mini dresses available online. And as always promised by American Checkout, international shipping is available too! Check out their Corsets and Lingerie Sale! They also have a great site for $18 Corset Blow-Out Sale!

red corset sexy satin plus sizeLovely Orange Sweetheart Shaped Style Corset
Corset has steel busks on the front, laces on the back and it comes with matching G-string
One of my favorite colors, Soft orange red. Subtle not so flashy, yet elegant in color. You want to be looked at without trying to hard.

black under chest corset corset beltThis is an elegant and effective underbust corset in black brocade. It has 12 flat steel bones, which provide an excellent level of posture support give the wearer a classic wasp waist look. When laced up tight, expect a reduction of around five inches offer your natural size white wearing it. Underbust corsets are a little easier to wearer, cooler, and lighter than full overbusts, so make an ideal first step into the wonderful world of steel boning.

ponk black sexy corset lingerieBaby Pink Burlesque corset with Black Bows
Very sexy way to start your night. Corsets are to be worn whenever possible, over jeans or going to bed.
Every women should have more than one corset in their closet.

silver corset

Luxurious Silver Swirl Corset
This is the kind of corset you can dress it up with a black skirt and wear it to a fancy party, wedding, or any other evening event.

purple corsetOrchid Purple Dryad Corset

black white corsetCorset has steel busks on the front, laces on the back and it comes with matching G-string
Corset has steel busks closure on the front, and laces in the back for a perfect fit.
12 light-weight bones through-out. Corset finished in white satin. Fully adjustable criss cross ribbon lace back
Corset is 15′ in length. Cut shorter at the back for added comfort, Pleated trim to soften lines

They also carry dresses, costumes , lingerie, hosiery, club wear and more. Best plus size corsets and bustiers tops.