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Swimsuits that best fit your body. What kind of swimwear will compliment my body?

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Swimsuits that best fit your body. What kind of swimwear will compliment my body?

Do you ask yourself, what’s the best swimsuit for my body type? We are bringing you some tips, ideas and products for the  best swimsuits for your body type.

Summer comes so quickly every year. We start planing for our summer vacations, traveling ideas, summer outfits and most important what to wear at the beach. Enjoying the beach with a stylish swimsuit that compliments your body is an important decision. We are all beautiful and want to look and feel beautiful at all times. Here on this page we are giving you guys some ideas on what kind of swimsuits that will compliment your body shape. Every women needs to know their body shape and be able to buy clothing and style themselves according to compliment their shape. Some shapes have smaller frames on top, some have large frames on bottom, and some are same from head to toe. Choosing the right swimsuit will compliment your aha[e and give you a sexier leaner look at the beach. We are gathering information on some of the best swimsuits for your body type, and posting it here for you to enjoy.

What shape are you?

What shape are you?

This graph will show you your body shape, Find out what shape you are. According to the shape you can check out the styles that we found for you.

The first one we will be talking about is the Inverted Triangle shape body type.

The inverted triangle shape has a braider shoulders or larger breasts and smaller bottom. For these body shape women we recommend swimsuits that will minimize the upper body to compliment the bottom. Best patterns for this shape is stripes. Here are few styles we found for you.

bathing suits

Nautica – Bow Line Halter Tankini Top

purple bathing suit

Hurley – One and Only Solid Bandini Top

Our Next body shape we will be focusing on is the lean column.

This body shape is straight and even from top to bottom. To compliment the straight shape you need to look for bathing suits that are even and straight, that doesn’t emphasize the waistline.

black swimsuit

Athena – Heavenly Molded Cup Underwire Bandini Top

red bathing suit

LUXE By Lisa Vogel – Pandora Sway Tankini Top

The next body shape is neat hourglass shape.

This shape is even on shoulders and hips, and has smaller waistline. With this shape you can show off your waistline as much as you want. Any bikini styles would look good on this body shape. here are few we found.

blue bathing suit

Ella Moss – Sun Stream Triangle Bikini Top

You can find more styles and colors for best swimsuits for your body type at Swim Spot.

Swim Spot has brought you Free Shipping on purchases of $75 or more | Designer Swimwear at SwimSpot.com. They carry Splendid swimwear only at SwimSpot.com for all your body shapes. They give you advice on whats the best body shape compliments which ko=ind of bathing suit.Shop Next Swimwear at SwimSpot.com!

Best WordPress database backup, wp maintainers with Support Package Plans

Posted by on Mar 18, 2014 in Business to Business, Consumer Electronics, Electronics, Membership | Comments Off on Best WordPress database backup, wp maintainers with Support Package Plans

Best WordPress database backup, wp maintainers with Support Package Plans

Best Wordpress database backup, maintenance, Updates from WP Maintainer.

Getting a business up and running takes a lot of work—not only do you have a presence to be concerned about, but a digital space that is essential for a successful company today. With the huge array of things on your plate, the last thing you need to worry about is the health of your website. Today on American Checkout we want to present you with something that’ll help you run your business much more effectively without worrying about your online site and all the headaches associated.

WordPress maintenance, backups & security.
WP Maintainer is the perfect developer tool for the entrepreneur starting their company out. Making use of the WordPress interface, WP Maintainer has tons of features for a great price.

logo wp maintainers

Providing constant hours of service and hands on work on your site, along with access to developers to help with coding and function of your site, WP Maintainer offers help with all your digital presence needs for $99 a month. From updating your WordPress as needed to migrating data, from compatibility support to scheduled backups, WP Maintainer takes a huge headache off your hands. The cost to develop continuously after a month gets discounted over time so it’s even more affordable. And the ability to work with a live developer is one that not many companies provide—work hand in hand with professionals to make a great website you don’t need to worry about!

WordPress maintenance, backups & security.

Having a stable and functional website is a huge must for any business starter or running business. If you’re hesitant, this Baltimore based team has you reassured. The Q&A on their site covers any question that any interested website runner has covered, and if not you can always email your concerns! WP Maintainer‘s experience ranges from design, to development and even search-marketing. Their bundle is affordable and effective, and ontop of that, a must for any business starter and website runner. Check them out!

Shop & SAVE Cheap Electronic Products From China with FREE international shipping.

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Shop & SAVE Cheap Electronic Products From China with FREE international shipping.

Start shopping cheap electronic products from china and SAVE a bundle!

China is the leader in manufacturing and producing products to the world. Most of our famous name brands, products are made in China. For our online shoppers its wise to shop from china, where everything is cheeper. Shop cheap electronic products from china, shop clothing, shoes, household products and more… Here at American Checkout we have found you a huge online store that is based in China. Focal price has created a site for all your shopping needs from China. Focusing on electronics,  you can find great unique products and favorite headphones, iPhone cases, iPad cases, toys and more. Check out their Computers & Networking Accessories – Focalprice.com for very cheep prices that will shock you. They have cell phone cases starting from $1.99. Cell Phones – Focalprice.com. They bring in many new products every week and offer great savings. Up to 63% Off New Arrivals.

buckyball cheep

buckyball cheep $2.99

apple headphones cheep

Earphone with microphone $1.99

Looking for cheep Toys for kids? This is the place to shop from. They have pre schools, puzzles, to RC planes. Huge selection of toys for so much cheeper prices. Toys & Hobbies – Focalprice.com.

Focal price has bees shipping world wide. They even offer Free shipping. Read more Worldwide free shipping at Focalprice.com. Check out their weekly Top 5 Sellers.

Micro Lens $9.49

Telescope for Iphone $9.69

Multifunctional Lens $6.69

Up to 63% Off New Arrivals

free international shipping

free international shipping


USB Gadgets in focalprice.com

I want to learn a new language online Fast! French-Spanish-Italian-Chinese-German and more…

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I want to learn a new language online Fast! French-Spanish-Italian-Chinese-German and more…

Best way of learning a language is online. If you are asking the question, I want to learn a new language online? We have the answer.

Where do you plan on going this winter season break? Spain? Portugal? France? Maybe a trip to the Caribbean? Regardless, it is in every traveler’s best interest to know a second, or even a third language. You start thinking, I want to learn a new language online is the best way to start. The idea that learning language becomes impossible as you grow older is a myth—there are plenty of tools designed to make learning language a breeze, and we’re going to feature one today.


LingQ is a new Learn Languages Online learning facility designed to stimulate interest in learning foreign languages by making it super easy and effective. LingQ offers well over fifteen languages at various levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced, conversational to fluent, and everything in between. Not only does LingQ guarantee that you’ll jump right into the experience, but that you’ll be learning quicker than you ever expected.



Their online program utilizes the linguistic method, a systematic program geared to boost your learning speed, and ability to learn even more languages.

This amazing method combined with all of the tools of a classroom (and more) is what makes LingQ so efficient at what they do. Their resources include but are not limited to live conversations, downloadable files for the road, a huge learning community, help with personal tutors, and even corrections on your work! They really do bring the classroom straight to you, minus the hassle of scheduling and making it work within your day. This means that kids and adults alike can immerse themselves in a way that is totally flexible and accessible. When you tell yourself, I want to learn a new language online, this is the best site to find awl you are looking for.


Because learning language is all about conversations, being a member of LingQ actually gives you access to points that you can use to engage in conversations. We know that LingQ is dedicated—their blog features conversations with the founder and methodologist of their organization! Their website is easy to use—come check it out!Stop telling yourself I want to learn a new language online. Just do it easy and fun way of learning a new language. Cheers.

Unique Holiday gift ideas 2013 for Kids Adults and Office with International Shipping!

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Unique Holiday gift ideas 2013 for Kids Adults and Office with International Shipping!

With the holidays just around the corner, finding a gift that fits just right for the right person isn’t always easy. Holiday gift ideas 2013.

You can go store-to-store, shop-to-shop, or even browse the web for hours without any clue of what you want to buy, but here at American-Checkout, a one-stop online mall, we want to make your life easier. Today, we’re featuring a gift shop that we know will fit right.

AlwaysFits.com is a simple and easy solution to gift getting anxiety. Their website offers a selection of holiday gift ideas 2013, trinkets and kits, games and toys, decorations and adornments that are suitable for anyone. Their merchandise is both charming and popular—featuring your favorite actors like Ryan Gosling or your favorite TV shows like The Office. Their organization is simple so you can jump straight to who you’re shopping with—their shop by recipient option has never made gift giving any easier. Get all the best gift ideas you need in just minutes as you delve into their huge selection.

unique gifts at alwaysfits.com

vintage record player in a suitcase

Crosley vinyl player


Their gifts are quality too! Check out this Crosley vinyl player. It’s the perfect gift for the young adult who’s living the retro craze, or even for the passionate vinyl collector who wants to reminisce in the classics. This is the perfect example of a gift that transcends time and space—it will be something that even kids will want to one day inherit.

Because AlwaysFits.com has to live up to its name, they feature a great Last Chance! Sale section. Their stock is always in rotation to keep up with pop culture and what’s in, and their sale section is constantly shifting too. With lower prices on great gift ideas and a super easy to use interface, Always Fits is a great way to make gift getting easier, and at an even lesser cost! We hope you enjoy, we think it’ll fit right. Check them out and fins some great holiday gift ideas 2013.

Cheep Apple Accessories Keyboards, Cases, Charges, Head phones and MORE….

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Cheep Apple Accessories Keyboards, Cases, Charges, Head phones and MORE….

Best Electronics Gadgets and Accessories for Home and Personal. Great CHEEP prices with International Shipping.

Nothing settles better for the holidays than new technology! With the holidays rolling around, everyone is ogling at the latest electronic goods. Electronics are the perfect gift for any adult or kid, friend or family, coworker or boss! That’s why today on American Checkout, we want to introduce our electronic jackpot, Buy SKU! Buy SKU’s slogan is just an element of American Checkout’s philosophy. Best gadgets, best life, and they couldn’t be any more right! With the holidays just around the corner, it is the perfect time to catch up to all of the modern tech. Avoid making that painful trip to the mall. Order online and get exactly what you need, and when you need it. And besides, you deserve a little gift once in a while too. Treat yourself to a new phone or tablet, we know you won’t regret it! wholesale,World Wide Free Shipping for All Orders

2-in-1 Folding PU Protective Case with Detachable Bluetooth 3.0 Silicone Keyboard for iPad /iPad 2 /The new iPad (Black) – $23.99

from: HooGo INC

Fashion Smooth Surface Hard Protective Crystal Case Shell Kit for 15.4-inch MacBook Pro (Color Optional)

from: HooGo INC

3-in-1 Smart PU Flip Cover & Capacitive Stylus Pen & Screen Protector Set for iPad mini (Sky-blue & Dark Blue)


ipega PG-IP115 Multi-purpose Charging Stand Dock with Speaker for iPhone /iPad /iPod /Samsung (Red)


Not only does Buy SKU offer international shipping, but their purchasing policy offers a 45 day refund guarantee. With their level of customer service, everyone is a happy camper. And even more importantly, a happy holiday shopper! If their service isn’t enough to make you happy, then their prices will be. Not only will Buy SKU ship internationally, but they offer wholesale prices so that you aren’t being scammed by urgent holiday pricing.
ipega PG-IP115 Multi-purpose Charging Stand Dock with Speaker for iPhone /iPad /iPod /Samsung (Red)

Buy SKU makes it incredibly easy to keep up to date. Their website features a “What’s Hot” and “What’s New” section to make sure you never fall behind the technology grind. And to make sure you don’t get anyone a dated present. With tons of accessories to solid electronics like phones, LED lights, and just about anything else we can think of, Buy SKU is the place to go for all your holiday needs. We know where we’ll be shopping this season. Check it out, we know you’ll be glad you came!Wholesale and drop shipping: electronics, gadgets, PC accessories, tablet pc, cell phones, Car Electronics & Accessories, Audio & Video, digital camera, games, toys, tools, security products, outdoor sports, home and garden, watches & jewelry, apparel etc., free shipping and drop shipping!

HomeTime V6 Desktop Audio Speaker with FM Radio /Alarm Clock /3.5mm Audio-in for iPhone /iPod /PC /MP3 (Color Optional) – $49.99

from: HooGo INC
Car DVR, mini car DVR, mobile car DVR, rear view mirror car DVR, night vision car DVR, car black box, Car camcorder. 5% OFF+Free Shipping with Coupon Code: BuySKUCarDVR

Cheep Clothing Shop From China Clothes and SAVE SAVE SAVE! Free International Shipping.

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Cheep Clothing Shop From China Clothes and SAVE SAVE SAVE! Free International Shipping.

Shop The BEST Shop From China Clothes with International Shipping and SAVE!

Ladies, just because the season is changing fast doesn’t mean your style needs to fall behind. With fall just around the corner (and winter soon after), we know it can be hard to keep up. Especially with prices spiking up as the holidays draw near. Start shopping from the best online clothing store from China that carries great prices. At American-Checkout, we’re dedicated to helping you keep up and moving forward. Today, we want to feature a great trendy one-stop shop to get all of the best unique season selects and keep your style up to date and fresh.Chic&Unique. Discount Cocktail Dresses Here.

fashion jeans wear on persunmall

Persun Mall

Persun Mall is ready to make you fall in love with the autumn season and with their great line while they’re at it. With their constantly updating clothing catalogue, you know that Persun Mall’s stylists are always looking for new looks and styles to keep their website well dressed. Not only that, but they encourage their shoppers to look snazzy—just check out their Look Book with over 20 pages of fashion ideas! Their website also has free shipping internationally, which is an amazing deal!Your Wardrobe of Evening Dresses. Persun 2013 Collection.

Persun Mall

Persun Mall touts a selection of luxurious lush prints that can be used in any situation. This retro fitted shirt is just one great example. It’s sleeve length can be pulled off both casually and formally, stunning in both scenarios. And at the same time, their clothing items’ pallets have updated to the fall clothing scene already too.Love the Way You Dress up, Persun Dresses for U.

With chilly weather on its way, not only does Persun Mall have longer dresses, sleeves, and warmer clothing cuts, but unique jumpers and distinct articles as well. Persun Mall’s clothing selection is a great place to look for fall featured items. Their Look Book is bursting with great ideas, and their clothing lines are absolutely perfect for the coming autumn. Stay warm, and look great at Persun mall, and get your clothing shipped free, and internationally too. Cheers! Be the Focus of the Party. Join US.

BEST Camping and Hiking Gear One Stop Shop foe all your equipment with International Shipping!

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BEST Camping and Hiking Gear One Stop Shop foe all your equipment with International Shipping!

Outdoor Pros have brought you all you need for your camping and hiking gears.

Our internationally shipping friend, Outdoor Pros is having a huge sale on their products, giving you all the savings you need for your outdoor adventures. Pick from Three Ways to Save with OutdoorPros.com on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Outdoor Pros specializes in gear of all kinds for any excursion. Their categories offer a wide variety of wearable or packable goods for your vacationing needs. Worried about not having the right tools on your next camping trip? Worry no more because Outdoor Pros will provide just as their name promises!

Outdoor Pros

Gerber Knives - Fend For Yourself

Outdoor Gear

Here at American Checkout, we want to make sure there is a space for everyone—people who are interested in a wide variety of things. Today, we’re featuring Outdoor Pros to bring out the adventure in everyone! Camping or even going on a trip can always seem like a daunting task, but with the right gear and the right attitude, neither are really as intimidating as they seem. Why we love OutdoorPros.com is that their easy website lets you jump right into prepping for your next big adventure! With sections for electronics, cutlery, and even automobile accessories, there is no area where Outdoor Pros will let you fall short. We promise!


Holsters and Tactical Gear from OutdoorPros.com

Outdoor Pros

OutdoorPros.com provides the professional assistance you need so that you don’t have to be a professional yourself! Their catalogue equips you with all of the accessories to help beginners get to a pro adventuring level, and their quality equips you with all of the insurance that any pro needs to feel comfortable too! American Checkout makes sure to only feature our most reliable and quality friends, and we know Outdoor Pros will not disappoint. With an easy to use website, international shipping, huge catalogue, and massive sale ready to get you started on your adventuring needs. Outdoor Pros is the avid or introductory campers best friend. Come check them out!

Garden Home Decor Art and Craft Accessories Ready to Ship International

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Garden Home Decor Art and Craft Accessories Ready to Ship International

Home and Garden Art and Decor Made by Skilled Artisans. Garden decoration ideas and more…

A lot of time, it is convenient to take the easy way as far as home goods shopping goes. But here at American-Checkout, we want quality, detail, and convenience to go hand in hand. That is why we exclusively feature international shops that show a great deal of craftsmanship and effort in their products. Today on American-Checkout, we feel like we’re paying homage to true artistry by featuring Modern ArtisansModern Artisans specialize in home goods that are hand designed, hand made, and mailed right to your door. Their website features a few major subsections. Art and wall décor, garden decoration ideas, home décor, and more personal items such as jewelry and gift ideas.

hand crafted home decor


There are huge assortment of goods, all created by individual artists.

Knowing that a gift you buy is hand made makes the gift more special and valuable. From art prints to mixed media displays, from garden plaques to unique clocks. Modern Artisans has home design items that are fantastic as gifts and as accessories. Their unique craftsmanship makes their gifts truly personal. You can even search by characteristic of present so you can make sure it is just the right match for your friend!


Modern Artisans features gift giveaways on their websites too.

Their devotion is palpable in their collection of goods. Each and every one of their items is unique. There is not a single item in their catalogue that is a duplicate or look-alike! Their presents are the best for all age groups. With wood sculptures to add character to any home display, tea sets to add personality to any tabletop, and wall décor to add charm to any living set, Modern Artisans is just the place to add the right finishing touches to your home spaces. And now, you can enjoy them internationally too!

Great Unique Gift Ideas for Home and Kids Decor from Belle and June, USA.

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Great Unique Gift Ideas for Home and Kids Decor from Belle and June, USA.

Start Shopping for Your Holiday Gifts Early. Find christmas gifts for home, friends and family early on.

For the holidays, treat yourself to a gift this year and give your house some of the long overdue loving it deserves. When it comes to treating your home just right, at American-Checkout, we know it is all about details. That’s why for today’s post, we’d like to feature Belle and June, a luxury home décor and gift shop dedicated to giving your home (and even others) the TLC they deserve. With the holidays just around the corner, get a head-start and begin spicing up your home and your life. Start shopping for friends and family early on. Start shopping early for your christmas gifts for home.

Garnet Hart Box

Garnet Heart Box – $190.00
from: Belle and June
Show a loved one how much they mean to you by giving them this exquisitely beautiful heart shaped box. Or treat yourself and display this incredible piece on a mirrored tray or vanity

Pansy Side Plate

Pansy Side Plate – $25.00
from: Belle and June
Add depth to traditional tableware with these colorful pansy-shaped Side plates. Wonderful for entertaining or just to add beauty to the everyday, this set of four plates transforms plain appetizers into food art.

Flower Bowl

Red/Green Spotted Phalaenopsis Large Flower Bowl – $250.00
from: Belle and June

Book Ends

 Natural Druze Fim Bookends – $210.00

from: Belle and June
Striking variations of color differentiate the stones of these pieces. The gems are natural outgrowths from the inside of ancient lava streams, with traces of crystal, agate and amethyst.

Napkin Rings

Aleotto Napkin Rings Teal – $68.00

from: Belle and June
The design of these unusual rings is inspired by nature’s patterns in semi-precious agate stone. These rings pair luxurious handpolished agate from Brazil with organically-shaped glass. Each handcrafted set of napkin rings is unique

Belle & June knows how to put the home in homey. Their tabletop dining section is absolutely stunning. Their dinnerware section features an amazing balance of simple and ornate—their Vietri collection shows real Italian craftsmanship. Vietri’s Bellezza Celadon dinner set in a spring-ice shade embodies quality. Although the monochromatic design of these plates is all about simplicity, the ornate bordering is a reminder of technique and intricate artisanship that makes the product’s quality known. If you have an eye for the entire set, or even just one item in the set, Belle & June’s payment system is super inclusive. You can purchase individual items or the entire set, the option is yours!


Belle and Junepresent section is all about quality too. On their present page, you are greeted with a simple organization system. Every gift occasion has its own subsection, from newlywed presents to the holiday presents you need for the coming season. Their presents all showcase hand crafted quality that anyone knows when they see it. Belle and June is the leader in unique home accessories and décor. We carefully select the most exquisite items to fill your home with character. Shop our selection today!


We love details. Belle and June does too, and that’s why we love them! Their website shows a love for home décor. If it wasn’t apparent by the designer brands in every category, the hand picked favorites subsection is the biggest give away. You can enjoy their quality for the home season internationally too. Check them out. We hope you enjoy!