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Music is one of the best resources for heeling and creating positive energy. Music is the true international language which transcends cultural and language barriers. Music has one of the most powerful healing powers that exists in this world. It touches us from birth through the rest of our lives. Creating a diverse and rich music library can open doors towards spiritual enlightenment. Here you can Shop American Music Stores with international delivers with all of their products. We have brought you stores with products, education, apps, instruments and more… Shop with trussed American companies and get your favorite products for cheeper here. 

music usa

Legacy Learning

Order Painting Instruction DVDs

Legacy Learning

Gibson Learn and Master Guitar App

Legancy Learning

Arkiv Music

Legacy Learning

Woodwind and Brasswind

Learn and Master Spotlight Series Blues Guitar

Legacy Learning

Order Piano Instruction DVDs

Learning Legacy

Drums Learning System

Learning Legancy

best bass effects pedals

Godlyke Ditributing

Play and learn 300 000+ tabs online

Guitar Tabs

Order Drums Instruction

Legacy Laernig

Gibson's Learn & Master Guitar Gold Award

Legacy Learning

Buy Jimi Hendrix Merchandise at

Rock and Roll Action

Piano Wizard Academy Family Pack 50

Music Wizard Group

Nest Entertainment Animated Bible Stories

Nest Learning

Underground Hip Hop

Modern Artisian

Best WordPress database backup, wp maintainers with Support Package Plans

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Best WordPress database backup, wp maintainers with Support Package Plans

Best Wordpress database backup, maintenance, Updates from WP Maintainer.

Getting a business up and running takes a lot of work—not only do you have a presence to be concerned about, but a digital space that is essential for a successful company today. With the huge array of things on your plate, the last thing you need to worry about is the health of your website. Today on American Checkout we want to present you with something that’ll help you run your business much more effectively without worrying about your online site and all the headaches associated.

WordPress maintenance, backups & security.
WP Maintainer is the perfect developer tool for the entrepreneur starting their company out. Making use of the WordPress interface, WP Maintainer has tons of features for a great price.

logo wp maintainers

Providing constant hours of service and hands on work on your site, along with access to developers to help with coding and function of your site, WP Maintainer offers help with all your digital presence needs for $99 a month. From updating your WordPress as needed to migrating data, from compatibility support to scheduled backups, WP Maintainer takes a huge headache off your hands. The cost to develop continuously after a month gets discounted over time so it’s even more affordable. And the ability to work with a live developer is one that not many companies provide—work hand in hand with professionals to make a great website you don’t need to worry about!

WordPress maintenance, backups & security.

Having a stable and functional website is a huge must for any business starter or running business. If you’re hesitant, this Baltimore based team has you reassured. The Q&A on their site covers any question that any interested website runner has covered, and if not you can always email your concerns! WP Maintainer‘s experience ranges from design, to development and even search-marketing. Their bundle is affordable and effective, and ontop of that, a must for any business starter and website runner. Check them out!

Mens Wedding Bands Tungsten Online Man Rings Designer Selections High Quality Rings!

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Mens Wedding Bands Tungsten Online Man Rings Designer Selections High Quality Rings!

BEST mens wedding bands tungsten, find what you are looking for here with international shipping.

Valentine’s day has passed, but that doesn’t mean the love has to stop! Recently on American-Checkout, we’ve featured a series of bridal suggestions for the coming spring or summer bride. Today we’re going to feature something for the romantic gentlemen. As styles become increasingly minimalist and colors turn to more neutral focused, everything is changing, even wedding jewelry. On our online shopping mall, we want to give you as many options no matter who you are—here’s one for the men. Shop the best mens wedding bands tungsten.

 MensTungstenOnline is a chic new alternative to wedding rings for gentlemen. Tungsten, which has been becoming increasingly popular, can be made much darker to meet our neutral needs. Not one for traditional gold and silver shiny wedding bands? Tungsten’s dark steel color is the right choice for you. More and more men hop on the craze and choose a darker alternative. You don’t need to be getting married to enjoy these rings either. MensTungstenOnline has more casual rings with solid black faces and wood embossed edges, or with multi-faceted surfaces. If your occasion is more special, you might want to consider custom engravings to add a one-of-a-kind touch to your band.

Not only are these rings chic, they’re affordable. Every order comes with FREE first class shipping and laser engraving so every ring can be equally unique and customized. And even though Valentines Day has passed, there are countless great sales—the love doesn’t stop! MensTungstenOnline has up to 40% off select items so you can reap the privileges of Cupid’s holiday. With a huge selection of rings for the groom, husband, or classy gentleman, Mens Tungsten Online has quality products at quality prices. Here at American-Checkout, we appreciate good quality when we see it. Check out their goods, and remember there are tons of great deals right around the corner, one click away. Cheers!

valentine day gift ideas for her

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valentine day gift ideas for her

Finding the best valentine day gift ideas for her. Ideas and More Sites to shop from.

Valentines is one of the most important days for most couples. We all start planing and look forward to this exiting day. We love to spoil our loved ones with flowers, cards and gifts. Sometimes we get lost in out thoughts trying to think what to buy. Something sexy, something unique, something that has a meaning. We look online, ask friends and spend lots of time on finding the right gift. Here at American Checkout we created a page for you, giving you some tips and ideas on some of the products we came across while shopping around.

One of the best gifts you can buy for your girl is Lingerie.

Girls love to wear sexy night gowns and cute girly lace undergarments all the time. We have found some  sexy baby doll’s to spice up your valentines day. Give a gift that booth of you will enjoy. Here at Ranowear, Inc. you can find a huge verity of  lingerie and under garments you can shop from. They carry not just lingerie. Find your favorite colors and shapes and surprise the special women thats in your life. New Coupon! $5.00 off for every order of $100.00 or more. Just type “hotchick” in the Apply Coupon box when you check out. Good until 8/31/10. You can check out more LINGERIE shops here at American Checkout.


Batofar Teddy – Sexy Lingerie

from: Ranowear, Inc.


Little Angel Baby Doll – $49.95

from: Ranowear, Inc.

You can always find a great piece of jewelry for your loved one.

Best way to spoil a girl is to buy her jewelry. Women can’t get enough, more the better. Thats why they say diamonds are girls best friend. You can never go wrong on buying jewelry for valentines day gift. You can find great styles colors and gems at Angara. Find Perfect Jewelry Gift @ – 10% off Sitewide + Free Garnet Pendant – Use Code AFHD10

red ruby necklace



red ruby earrings


Great career bag will go a long way. every women will want one and need one.

Here is an item that is needed and wanted by every women. Girls need to carry their personal day to day belongings and their career electronics and needs. Careerbags is the best place to find the perfect bag for the busy women in your life. Their bags are designed to organize. They care about function and they care about looking great. You can shop by choosing what kind of career she is in. One of the best valentine gifts you can find online. Get 5% off your order when you use the coupon code: CAREER BAGS5

Career Bags

Alicia Klein Phone Case-Apple Red – $75.00

from: Careerbags


Chelsea Collection Alexis 14″ Laptop Tote – $285.00
from: Careerbags

Red carry on business Bag

Cabrelli 15.6″ Pebbled Rolling Laptop Bag-Red – $150.00

from: Careerbags

Good Morning Snore Solution Best Rated Mouthpiece For Snoring

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Good Morning Snore Solution Best Rated Mouthpiece For Snoring

We bring you the BEST Rated mouthpiece for snoring for all kinds of snoring problems.

With winter vacation coming up, everyone deserves to be able to catch up on the most valuable vacation activity—sleep. But a lot of times, you either can’t fall asleep because of nasal congestion, or maybe your partner is keeping you awake. No worries, today on American Checkout we want to provide you with a solution to help you sleep a bit more soundly this coming winter break. Our solution is an anti-snoring mouthpiece from Good Morning Snore Solution, a medically rated and approved mouthpiece that will comfortably take all your snoring problems away. Best rated mouthpiece for snoring. MPowRx Health and Wellness Products Inc.

Developed by top sleep researchers, Good Morning Snore Solution is comfortable and manageable, prioritizing ease of sleep. It involves no sprays, head straps, or special pillows. All it takes is you and the mouthpiece so you can sleep in your familiar bed setting still. With doctor recommendations and plenty of testimonials to speak to its functionality as a product, the good morning snore solution provides a realistic and promising solution for late night snorers, and people who have snoring partners. Backed by scientific clinical data, the mouth piece has been proven to reduce snoring with its scientifically tested solution.MPowRx Health and Wellness Products Inc.

Hesitant to try the product? Testimonials don’t sway you? Then this is the right place for you. Good Morning Snore Solution encourages you to try their product before committing. Give a hand at the free 30 day trial and you’ll see it in action. If you’re not comfortable with how the product works after you purchase it, you can still return it for a full refund. AC wants you to be comfortable during your winter break. Sleep is something we all need to catch up on once in a while, and snoring can be an easy enough fix if you check the right places! Check out Good Morning Snore Solution—we think you’ll be satisfied. Best rated mouthpiece for snoring.MPowRx Health and Wellness Products Inc.

I want to learn a new language online Fast! French-Spanish-Italian-Chinese-German and more…

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I want to learn a new language online Fast! French-Spanish-Italian-Chinese-German and more…

Best way of learning a language is online. If you are asking the question, I want to learn a new language online? We have the answer.

Where do you plan on going this winter season break? Spain? Portugal? France? Maybe a trip to the Caribbean? Regardless, it is in every traveler’s best interest to know a second, or even a third language. You start thinking, I want to learn a new language online is the best way to start. The idea that learning language becomes impossible as you grow older is a myth—there are plenty of tools designed to make learning language a breeze, and we’re going to feature one today.


LingQ is a new Learn Languages Online learning facility designed to stimulate interest in learning foreign languages by making it super easy and effective. LingQ offers well over fifteen languages at various levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced, conversational to fluent, and everything in between. Not only does LingQ guarantee that you’ll jump right into the experience, but that you’ll be learning quicker than you ever expected.



Their online program utilizes the linguistic method, a systematic program geared to boost your learning speed, and ability to learn even more languages.

This amazing method combined with all of the tools of a classroom (and more) is what makes LingQ so efficient at what they do. Their resources include but are not limited to live conversations, downloadable files for the road, a huge learning community, help with personal tutors, and even corrections on your work! They really do bring the classroom straight to you, minus the hassle of scheduling and making it work within your day. This means that kids and adults alike can immerse themselves in a way that is totally flexible and accessible. When you tell yourself, I want to learn a new language online, this is the best site to find awl you are looking for.


Because learning language is all about conversations, being a member of LingQ actually gives you access to points that you can use to engage in conversations. We know that LingQ is dedicated—their blog features conversations with the founder and methodologist of their organization! Their website is easy to use—come check it out!Stop telling yourself I want to learn a new language online. Just do it easy and fun way of learning a new language. Cheers.

BEST Camping and Hiking Gear One Stop Shop foe all your equipment with International Shipping!

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BEST Camping and Hiking Gear One Stop Shop foe all your equipment with International Shipping!

Outdoor Pros have brought you all you need for your camping and hiking gears.

Our internationally shipping friend, Outdoor Pros is having a huge sale on their products, giving you all the savings you need for your outdoor adventures. Pick from Three Ways to Save with on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Outdoor Pros specializes in gear of all kinds for any excursion. Their categories offer a wide variety of wearable or packable goods for your vacationing needs. Worried about not having the right tools on your next camping trip? Worry no more because Outdoor Pros will provide just as their name promises!

Outdoor Pros

Gerber Knives - Fend For Yourself

Outdoor Gear

Here at American Checkout, we want to make sure there is a space for everyone—people who are interested in a wide variety of things. Today, we’re featuring Outdoor Pros to bring out the adventure in everyone! Camping or even going on a trip can always seem like a daunting task, but with the right gear and the right attitude, neither are really as intimidating as they seem. Why we love is that their easy website lets you jump right into prepping for your next big adventure! With sections for electronics, cutlery, and even automobile accessories, there is no area where Outdoor Pros will let you fall short. We promise!


Holsters and Tactical Gear from

Outdoor Pros provides the professional assistance you need so that you don’t have to be a professional yourself! Their catalogue equips you with all of the accessories to help beginners get to a pro adventuring level, and their quality equips you with all of the insurance that any pro needs to feel comfortable too! American Checkout makes sure to only feature our most reliable and quality friends, and we know Outdoor Pros will not disappoint. With an easy to use website, international shipping, huge catalogue, and massive sale ready to get you started on your adventuring needs. Outdoor Pros is the avid or introductory campers best friend. Come check them out!

Best mans Fashion available at Man of Fashion ready to ship GLOBAL!

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Best mans Fashion available at Man of Fashion ready to ship GLOBAL!

Designer trendy mens clothes brands from USA ready to Ship International.

It is American-Checkout’s philosophy to find new trends and fashion suggestions for all genders and age groups. Today, we have a feature for the guys—Man of Fashion is the perfect casual-wear store for Urban styles for men. Their catalogue specializes in famous urban styles for all season. To get ready for the fall, we have a few suggestions for you.

Graphic Dress Shirts

With thrift culture on the rise, thrift store selects are absolutely in. To keep up with the trend, you need to remember all of the main elements that make thrift clothing so distinguishable and eye-catching. Man of Fashion’s Graphic Dress Shirt touts unique patterns. The paisley-esque print of the shirt along with its button up cut make it look like a thrift store select. At the same time, it is perfect for cool weather, and versatile and unique. Like thrift clothing, the pattern truly looks one of a kind! Man of Fashion Web Sale. Order Clothing Online Today & Get Up to 50% off Store Prices

Short Sleeve Linen Shirt

Urban clothing can also be versatile in that it can be used in both casual, and formal setting. This Short Sleeve Linen button down is the perfect example. With a pair of jeans the shirt can be worn casually right along the lines of urban trendiness. If worn with a pair of slacks and a tie, the shirt immediately takes on a more professional look. The print is thrifty and unique enough to fit into the urban scene seamlessly.


Baseball Jacket

With the chilly season coming in, the right vintage jacket is both utilitarian and trendy. Man of Fashion’s baseball jacket is a throwback to 80’s. It cools you off and gives you a stylish but trendy look! These are just a few of the up to date look ideas for your fall season. Man of Fashion offers these, and many other great looks. They also ship internationally.

Brands they carry are:


Coveroo’s is the Best Personalized iPhone and iPad Case Providers with HUGE Selection with International shipping.

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Coveroo’s is the Best Personalized iPhone and iPad Case Providers with HUGE Selection with International shipping.

Personalized custom designed iPhone, iPad cases from USA. Custom iphone ipad cases from America!

Use personalized Coveroo iPhone cases.

With the release of the new iPhone 5s and 5c, we thought it would take a bit of time to see stylish and trendy cases put in the stores, but Coveroo proved us wrong! Not only does – Custom Covers and Cases. have cases for the 5s and 5c (and all previous styles as well) but their cases are custom—you can put your very own design on them. If you don’t want to create a custom case, Coveroo has plenty of solid colors and styles too.

The process is simple. First, you choose what you need a case for. Not only does Coveroo have cases for the new iPhone, but they have cases for iPads, iPods, Macbooks, Galaxy Phones and more! After you pick your casing style you are redirected to – Custom Covers and Cases. design catalogue, which is huge. Whether you want gear to represent your favorite sports team, your favorite comic book character, or even your favorite type of fabric print, chances are the right look is here just a few clicks away. – Custom Covers and Cases. cases make great holiday gifts because they are both useful and personal. Get your kid his favorite cartoon character on his phone case, or your spouse his favorite sports team! They’ll love it.

Coveroo’s cases not only feature fits for all types of phones, but accommodate to different styles as well. You can choose between a color printed phone case, or an etched (engraved) phone case for a more subtle look. You can get a regular plastic case, or a wooden case! You can even choose an aluminum case that offers all of the same design choices as before! Not only does Coveroo provide gear for your high-tech, but in a modern high-tec way too. Custom iphone ipad cases over 5000 styles to choose from.

As we promise here at American-Checkout, we love quality and style in a way that everyone can enjoy internationally. That’s right, they provide international shipping! Enjoy.

Modern Man Bags Messenger Cross body Leather at discounted prices from USA with International Shipping.

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Modern Man Bags Messenger Cross body Leather at discounted prices from USA with International Shipping.

Best online store that carries verity of men’s bags and briefcases, with great prices. Shop USA and SAVE!

For the gentlemen this fall season, adding modern flair, class, and originality to your look could be as easy as a carry on accessory! To encourage our male buyers to dress extra edgy this autumn, we’d like to feature a series of sites for the guys!

Today on American-Checkout, we’d like to present Modern Man Bags! Modern Man Bags’ provides buyers with exactly what you’d expect them to, stylish and elegant bags for men. Their looks range from vintage to professional, leather to canvas, over the shoulder to messenger. And in each category, there are countless choices to pick from.

Men’s Distressed Briefcase

For a more formal work-bag, the Dubai 2 Men’s Full Grain Leather Laptop Briefcase combines utility and fashion. The bag’s dimensions make it accommodating to laptops up to 15.5 inches. On the inside, the bags multiple folds give room for your paperwork, phone, keys, wallet, and even more. While leather handheld accessories usually are upwards of three hundred dollars, this bag is only $109.99.  For a chic affordable leather briefcase, you can’t find better!

Messenger bags

Olive Drab Green

Italian Style Messenger Bag

Modern Man Bags stands out not only because of their great low pricing and high quality, but because their search tool makes shopping easier than ever. You can search bags based on type, material, style, size, laptop/tablet fit, brand, or pricing! With this easy user interface, you can find exactly what you need withincredible ease.

Waist Fanny Pack

Not only does modern man bags feature unique styles, but countless brands. From Kenneth Cole to JSS, Modern Man bags selection is massive. With the fall season coming just around the bend, guys, it’s the time to start revamping your wardrobe. For that professional chic briefcase or even casual over the shoulder sling, here at American-Checkout, we give two thumbs up to Modern Man Bags. They ship internationally, provide three day shipping, and give a thirty day guarantee. We think you’ll be satisfied.
Modern Bags Just for Men! We carry the coolest manbags on the planet!
* Leather Messenger Bags
* Rugged Briefcases
* Distressed Duffels
* Canvas Cross-body Bags
* Vintage Vertical Bags
* Trendy Tablet & iPad Cases
* Sturdy Satchels
* Soft Slings
* Metrosexual Man Purses

Leather Travel Backpack

Star Trek Merchandise Super Hero Clothing Accessories

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Star Trek Merchandise Super Hero Clothing Accessories

Stock up for your next convention and show your super-personality with t-shirts, bags, and more on Super Hero Stuff!

From Batman to Wonder Woman, Wolverine to Night wing, has everyone’s favorite heroes covered. But Super Hero Stuff doesn’t only sell comic book gear. They sell other memorabilia for well-known series, like for Star Trek!
SuperHeroStuff - Man of Steel Sale

Just like in each of the sub categories for super heroes, has a huge section for just

Star Trek merchandise.

Not only does their site have sections for shirts, robes, pajamas, and even socks, but a whole accessory catalogue, home and office depot, and toys and collectibles repertoire. From a Star fleet academy college style shirt that is perfect for the incoming freshmen who want to show their personality, to the bold Trekkie shirt that says loud and clear that you’re a Star Trek fan, Super Hero Stuff has merchandise for any type of fan. Their graphic print shirts are great too!

With the school season starting, backpacks, bags, and lunchboxes are the best way for anyone to show their superhero spirit. For the holidays, get the perfect present for the superhero fan. Or the perfect toy for any kid.

With Halloween just around the corner, has just the materials to make you look tough. Join Captain Kirk’s crew with the two-piece outfit set. Or for the girls, try on the Star Trek Jr Women’s Security Uniform. is the perfect place for convention gear and costume. Or, even just to geek out a little bit by showing off comic book swag. With Halloween, the school year, and countless conventions just around the bend, you can never be too early aboard Captain Kirk’s ship. Captain Kirk’s ship sales internationally, which means international shipping!

SuperHeroStuff - New Bikinis!

SuperHeroStuff - New Socks!

SuperheroStuff: New Footed Pajamas

New Power Rangers T-Shirts!