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American Checkout has brought you a page full of American online shops that bring electronics and parts. You can find all kinds of accessories here for all your iPod, iPhone or any kind of electrical device you may carry. We have great shops with great savings and offers. You can shop from USA and SAVE and receive international shipping with all of these safe secure online stores. You will find many different product and brands that you are searching for. They are all here and more… Buy from America and save. Electronics usa international shipping is here to serve you on this page.


electronic stores with international shipping

Electronics and Accessories with International Shipping


A Happy Deal


Worldwide Free Shipping


Gibson Learn and Master Guitar App

Legacy Learning System

Independence Day: Tablet PCs & Accessories up to 57% OFF!

A Happy Deal

aura for BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930




15% Off Your Ink & Toner! (use code: NEW2013)

Tomato INC


Free Shipping only at WirelessEmporium.com


PC and Phone Headset Adapters

Head Set Buddy

Miniln The Box


Mobile Carma

Mp3 Player Accessories

Mini Suit

Apple iPhone 5S case


3G Smartphone! With Coupon


Cell Phone Accessories

Echen Factory

Ink & Toner Sale: 15% OFF Any Order! (use code: new13)

Combo INC

Invisible Shiels

Mobile Carma

Pauls TV

Abes of Maine


AliExpress by Alibaba.com

Ali Express


Electronics unique new

Deal Yard

Free Shipping+Low Price ,Android Tablet PCs Start From $55. Diversified Tablet PCs For You  To Choose.EXP:JUNE 20,2012. Why Not Snap Up Promoted Tablet PCs Now?

Price Angles CHINA

USB Phone World

Free international shipping Shipping


Leatherman Multi-Tools

Photon Light


Buy 2 philips replacement lamps get $10 off

Discount Merchants


Electronics, enjoy free gifts and free shipping in YolandaZhang store

Lifetime Warranties & 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Best WordPress database backup, wp maintainers with Support Package Plans

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Best WordPress database backup, wp maintainers with Support Package Plans

Best Wordpress database backup, maintenance, Updates from WP Maintainer.

Getting a business up and running takes a lot of work—not only do you have a presence to be concerned about, but a digital space that is essential for a successful company today. With the huge array of things on your plate, the last thing you need to worry about is the health of your website. Today on American Checkout we want to present you with something that’ll help you run your business much more effectively without worrying about your online site and all the headaches associated.

WordPress maintenance, backups & security.
WP Maintainer is the perfect developer tool for the entrepreneur starting their company out. Making use of the WordPress interface, WP Maintainer has tons of features for a great price.

logo wp maintainers

Providing constant hours of service and hands on work on your site, along with access to developers to help with coding and function of your site, WP Maintainer offers help with all your digital presence needs for $99 a month. From updating your WordPress as needed to migrating data, from compatibility support to scheduled backups, WP Maintainer takes a huge headache off your hands. The cost to develop continuously after a month gets discounted over time so it’s even more affordable. And the ability to work with a live developer is one that not many companies provide—work hand in hand with professionals to make a great website you don’t need to worry about!

WordPress maintenance, backups & security.

Having a stable and functional website is a huge must for any business starter or running business. If you’re hesitant, this Baltimore based team has you reassured. The Q&A on their site covers any question that any interested website runner has covered, and if not you can always email your concerns! WP Maintainer‘s experience ranges from design, to development and even search-marketing. Their bundle is affordable and effective, and ontop of that, a must for any business starter and website runner. Check them out!

Shop & SAVE Cheap Electronic Products From China with FREE international shipping.

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Shop & SAVE Cheap Electronic Products From China with FREE international shipping.

Start shopping cheap electronic products from china and SAVE a bundle!

China is the leader in manufacturing and producing products to the world. Most of our famous name brands, products are made in China. For our online shoppers its wise to shop from china, where everything is cheeper. Shop cheap electronic products from china, shop clothing, shoes, household products and more… Here at American Checkout we have found you a huge online store that is based in China. Focal price has created a site for all your shopping needs from China. Focusing on electronics,  you can find great unique products and favorite headphones, iPhone cases, iPad cases, toys and more. Check out their Computers & Networking Accessories – Focalprice.com for very cheep prices that will shock you. They have cell phone cases starting from $1.99. Cell Phones – Focalprice.com. They bring in many new products every week and offer great savings. Up to 63% Off New Arrivals.

buckyball cheep

buckyball cheep $2.99

apple headphones cheep

Earphone with microphone $1.99

Looking for cheep Toys for kids? This is the place to shop from. They have pre schools, puzzles, to RC planes. Huge selection of toys for so much cheeper prices. Toys & Hobbies – Focalprice.com.

Focal price has bees shipping world wide. They even offer Free shipping. Read more Worldwide free shipping at Focalprice.com. Check out their weekly Top 5 Sellers.

Micro Lens $9.49

Telescope for Iphone $9.69

Multifunctional Lens $6.69

Up to 63% Off New Arrivals

free international shipping

free international shipping


USB Gadgets in focalprice.com

I want to learn a new language online Fast! French-Spanish-Italian-Chinese-German and more…

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I want to learn a new language online Fast! French-Spanish-Italian-Chinese-German and more…

Best way of learning a language is online. If you are asking the question, I want to learn a new language online? We have the answer.

Where do you plan on going this winter season break? Spain? Portugal? France? Maybe a trip to the Caribbean? Regardless, it is in every traveler’s best interest to know a second, or even a third language. You start thinking, I want to learn a new language online is the best way to start. The idea that learning language becomes impossible as you grow older is a myth—there are plenty of tools designed to make learning language a breeze, and we’re going to feature one today.


LingQ is a new Learn Languages Online learning facility designed to stimulate interest in learning foreign languages by making it super easy and effective. LingQ offers well over fifteen languages at various levels of difficulty, from beginner to advanced, conversational to fluent, and everything in between. Not only does LingQ guarantee that you’ll jump right into the experience, but that you’ll be learning quicker than you ever expected.



Their online program utilizes the linguistic method, a systematic program geared to boost your learning speed, and ability to learn even more languages.

This amazing method combined with all of the tools of a classroom (and more) is what makes LingQ so efficient at what they do. Their resources include but are not limited to live conversations, downloadable files for the road, a huge learning community, help with personal tutors, and even corrections on your work! They really do bring the classroom straight to you, minus the hassle of scheduling and making it work within your day. This means that kids and adults alike can immerse themselves in a way that is totally flexible and accessible. When you tell yourself, I want to learn a new language online, this is the best site to find awl you are looking for.


Because learning language is all about conversations, being a member of LingQ actually gives you access to points that you can use to engage in conversations. We know that LingQ is dedicated—their blog features conversations with the founder and methodologist of their organization! Their website is easy to use—come check it out!Stop telling yourself I want to learn a new language online. Just do it easy and fun way of learning a new language. Cheers.

Street Wear Hip Hop Fashion Underground Styles Life Style From USA with International Shipping.

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Street Wear Hip Hop Fashion Underground Styles Life Style From USA with International Shipping.

Best Hip Hop Underground online website that offers international shipping with all their products. Hip Hop Fashion Street Wear.

The phrase “Ughh” usually does not inspire a whole lot of confidence—but this case is different. UGHH, or Underground Hip-Hop is a one-stop get-it-all urban clothing hotspot that we think is seriously hot. UGHH has the largest street gear collection we’ve seen yet and for every season. UGHH Carries ClothingCDs, Vinyl LPs & EPs, Vinyl SinglesToys & Collectibles, DJ Accessories/ Equipment & Bags, Graffiti & Art Supplies, Books & Magazines, Cassette Tapes, DVDs, DJ Accessories/ Equipment/ Bagss. Its an all exclusive website that has covered all aspects of street, hip hop life style. Best Hip Hop Fashion Street Wear online stores ready to serve you with global shipping from America.

 With fall coming up fast, it’s time to stay on top of seasonal attire. UGHH has a huge selection of outerwear, from crew neck sweaters to long sleeves and hoodies to sports jackets. The ‘Paint Peace’ black long sleeve is the perfect lighter wear for a fall day. The screen-printed design is perfect urban city style while the shape is universal—this sweater is just as wearable as a basic, but twice as unique! Items with this duality are more than abundant at UGHH. Their selection proudly flaunts hundreds of shapes, designs, and private clothing company’s styles to make sure there is a look that pleases everyone.

UndergroundHipHop.com Storeis not all about clothing. As its name speaks, UGHH is a lifestyle store with tons to offer anyone involved in the hip-hop scene. UGHH has a carefully selected, but massive archive of music from tons of different artists across tons of different formats. We were especially impressed by the massive Vinyl collection that features up and coming names in the underground scene. Not only is UGHH big on music, but accessories, DVDs, magazines, toys, art supplies, and more.

When we make a claim stating that one of our featured stories is impressive, we mean it. UGHH is an incredible lifestyle and clothing store for anyone interested in the hip-hop scene. And, as promised, international shipping. Enjoy!

Online Music Lessons DVD’s Learn How to Play Guitar, Drums, Piano, Painting Kids.

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Online Music Lessons DVD’s Learn How to Play Guitar, Drums, Piano, Painting Kids.

Online Music Classes, Hobbies, Art, Collectibles and more from America. Online Music Lessons 

There are countless resources available to start or better your child’s musical talent. We invite you to visit American-Checkout’s music page! Here at American-Checkout, we have organized online shopping experience that ship worldwide.  Providing Online Music Lessons the perfect at-home music resources for your you and your child to learn or improve musical experience. With full books of musical theory training curriculums, and practice pieces designed to improve mechanical skills, American-Checkout has just the right variety of resources for anyone to get started. Here you can find Home School Guitar, Piano, Painting, Photography, Drums, and Ballroom Dance Lessons at Learn & Master – LEARN MORE!

With the school year right around the corner, there is a lot to consider for your kids who are starting another academic adventure! While academics are important and expensive, extracurricular activities are what kids need to stand out during the important college application process. Some of the best out-side academic activities to enrich your student’s competitive chances are music, painting, photography, drums, guitar, piano lessons.  Here at LearnandMaster.com you can find all kinds of DVD’s books to home school all these extra curriculum activities without paying someone else.

Learn & Master Series

Music is a great extracurricular choice, but not the only one. There are plenty of other options to enrich your self and your child’s academic repertoire. For example, arts and crafts can provide an alternate activity that will work equally towards to balancing your child’s educational background.  In an age of increasing educational competitiveness, activities outside of school are not just recommended, but almost necessary. Here at American-Checkout, we try to give tips for a better lifestyle for you and your kids! Learn & Master Photography

Learn to paint

You can master these great hobbies at your own pace and at your own private home. No pressure, no classrooms, no monthly fees. 

Tabs with rhythm song notes sheets ready to fallow, learn and play.

How to Read Guitar Tab

Guitar tab or tablature is a very popular method of notating guitar music. What makes tab so popular is that, once you get the hang of it, it is very easy to read. Songsterr is a great website that offers a great way of teaching how to play guitar. Once you get the hang of learning and feeling comfortable with the placement of fingers, you can start playing all kinds of songs that are listed and is available for the member. Great site for adults and very easy for kids.Play and learn 70 000+ tabs online

Play and learn 300 000+ tabs online

Easy and fast way of teaching kids how to play the piano.

Piano Wizard Academy Complete Bundle

This year give your kids a fun and educational gift from PianoWizard – Click Here!Perfect way to start introducing piano to your kids. Learn with images and colors, very easy to play and memorize the keys. Briliant new way of teaching kids how to play piano. Great gift for any occasion, for kids and teens.

Online Christian Homeschooling Programs Education for Kids in USA

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Online Christian Homeschooling Programs Education for Kids in USA

Christian Homeschooling Programs, Books Supplies Education needs and more… for kids.

Homeschooling has never been easier. With the accessibility of material online, giving your kids an early or supplemented education is a great choice. The best supplemental learning tools can take on many different forms. A varied education depends on multimedia approaches—movies, games, books, and music all can help.

Alpha Omega Switched on Schoolhouse, Lifepac, Horizon, Christian Home School Curriculum

For that reason, American Checkout would like to spotlight NEST Learning. Nest Homeschool is the best resource for  parents and kids. Their website is organized by grade level and media so that finding your student’s exact needs is incredibly easy. Nest Homeschool approach is effective—by offering a wide range of learning tools, NEST ensures that kids are provided with a diversified education. Their learning tools, aside from being varied, are all highly credible. For example, language programs include Rosetta Stone software at a discounted price.

In addition to their mixed media approach, NEST covers all topics included from Pre-school to 12th Grade.

With over sixty different tools for each topic, NEST offers a massive catalogue of sources to enrich a student’s education. All the while, NEST does not neglect the importance of the teacher in the process. Their site includes a teacher planning section that offers plenty of tools for teachers to help organize their Homeschool Curriculum in a way that is both efficient and educational, keeping students right on track!

NEST is a great stop-to-shop for homeschoolers and students alike. With their abundance of resources, NEST is even a great tool for supplemental education. Their site offers plenty of discounts—and did we mention? International shipping too! Check it out. Best christian homeschooling programs for kids in USA.

Where can I get ID cards made? International Identity Card for Traveling Students or for Business.

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Where can I get ID cards made? International Identity Card for Traveling Students or for Business.

Traveling Need an International IDENTITY Card? Where can i get id cards made for me?

ISE Card is a company that offers certified international student exchange cards that carry countless benefits for travelers worldwide. What makes their cards so exciting is the range of discounts and benefits that no traveler should go without. To get started, the ISE card provides countless travel must-haves like 24 hour Medical help, global phone card access, and travel medical insurance deductibles. Above and beyond the essentials, ISE has some incredible discounts we want to highlight.

International Student ID Card

We think some of ISE’s best benefits are with transportation. Featured discounts can be up to 50% for transportation all across the world. With huge savings like these on major transportation hubs like the Eurostar, the ISE card is already a traveler’s best friend. To make it even better, ISE provides constant support the entire way. From access to help hotlines and emergency roadside service to easy hotel reservation and flight booking, ISE is a necessary companion for every traveler and shopper worldwide. So when you ask yourself, where can i get id cards made? Its right here at ISE Card.

American Checkout makes it its goal to help out international shoppers and travelers, and we think ISE does just that too!

travel id identity card international

Photo ID badges and cards that you can design yourself.

We have found you another great website that offers to make all kinds of ID and Badges. You can use their services for all kinds of traveling needs, businesses, or special events. At IDCreator.com you can pick and choose from hundreds of different design to create your own personal id. You can make ID for your kids, pets, corporations, press, and all kinds of business needs.

We Print IDs for YouStarting from $8.00 you can make as many as you like. They give discounts when you order 10 and more cards. They carry many accessories you may need for your id cards like, badge holders, security overlays, laminators, lanyards and more. Whats best is that they ship global. Don’t leave for your travels without an identity card, you never know when you will need them. Make ID Cards Online. Design you ID Cards Online. We will print and ship them to you within one business day.

We Print IDs for You

Publish your own Personal Book or Story Create Photo books, Cookbooks, Calendars with your personalized photos in USA

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Publish your own Personal Book or Story Create Photo books, Cookbooks, Calendars with your personalized photos in USA

Publishing your own Personal books are easy now!

We all love to write and share our knowledge, experiences, life failures and achievements. Thats where writing in our journals started. Writing makes everyone feel like they have expressed their deep thoughts and feelings thorough communication. To be able to touch someone else with your own experiances in your life is a gratifying feeling. To be able to make someone else see things in another light is priceless. Our whole life has become about writing and sharing things from life stories, to advice to, cookbooks to, blogging our day to day life experiences. We also want to share all the little memories we make with our loved ones that are growing up so fast. When you have so much to say and share with the world and family friends, why not to put them on books, where you can have them and give them as gifts to to your family and friends. At Photogalley.com they bring you a great online shop, where you can choose and publish your own books. You can create all kinds of books acording to your taste and subject. Hardcover photo book printing as low as $17.95 with your photos. Design online and share with friends for free using 100’s of available themes and quickly auto filling the theme with your photos.  Publish your own personal book is very easy and fast.publish personalized books

Here are some of their products you can enjoy looking.
individual-calendar personalized

Calendars are great for gift around New Years. Grandparents would love to have them and cherish all the beautiful family pictures you have posted for them through out the year.

personalized wedding-bookEnjoy making your own personal wedding memories and share them in one of their personalized wedding books. You can purchase them for a great affordable price where you can give them as gifts to your family and friends.


Year books are done here as well. For all those teachers who would like to use their services, its a great excellent and easy way of adding memories for your students.




One stop shop for Businesses, Schools, Kids, Holidays, Sports and more. Explore all the great products they have offered. Surprise your friends and family. Make memories last right under your hand. They do deliver worldwide, so those shoppers that are out of USA can have their photos made here in USA and have it delivered to their country.


Personalize Your Calendar Online Gifts Picture Photo books Games Puzzles from USA.

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Personalize Your Calendar Online Gifts Picture Photo books Games Puzzles from USA.

Make your own calendar at Calendars.com!

Personalize your Calendar Online for the next 12 months of the year

I think we look at our calendars as much as we look at our watches, or our emails. We need to be on top of our daily day to day responsibilities, appointments, meetings, special events. If we forget to put a date on our calendars, we forget or miss the time and regret. Our calendars have become one of the most important piece of necessity in our busy lifestyle. Here comes Calendars.com, a great website that offers so much on making your day to day notes, ideas, appointments easier, by bringing you many different Calendars, photo books, note cards to keep you on track. Calendars.com brings together the latest Internet technology with the world’s largest calendar inventory to create the Web’s biggest and best calendar store. Find the perfect gift with the Calendars.com Gift Finder!

Custom Photo Wall Calendar

Customize your calendars online  for loved ones.

personalize your calendar online









Grandparents, mom’s, dad’s would
love to receive a full year calendar with full of pictures that they can enjoy looking. When you have your own pictures on your calendar, it creates memories times to cherish.Create your own Personal Photo Book and share all the pictures with your family.


Personalize your calendar online, and enjoy the memories all yearlong. 

Make a photo book with your social media photos for only $9.99!
Shop our selection of Weird & Interesting Calendars online now.

These Astronomy Calendars are perfect for Science lovers!

Get inspired each day with one of our many Inspirational Calendars.

You’ll be laughing all year with one of our Humor calendars. On sale now!

Shop for your favorite Sports, Music, TV, Movie Celebrities at Calendars.com.

Shop adorable puppy calendars at DogBreedStore.com!

puppy calendars

Football, baseball, hockey, basketball, golf, tennis, UFC, you name it – Calendars.com has a Sports Calendar for it.

Photos on Canvas, Photo prints, Gifts, Custom Framed Prints, Shop Polaroid Photobar from USA!

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Photos on Canvas, Photo prints, Gifts, Custom Framed Prints, Shop Polaroid Photobar from USA!

Turn Your Precious Photos and  Memories into ART!

We all have great memories we keep on our phones or on our computers. What we forgot is that we missed on the actual photography experience to be able to view our memories in a regular basis. We used to make photo albums and cherish them share them with our loved ones. Times have changed so much. All our memories are in our computer devices. Lets change that and start putting memories around the house agin or share our memories with our loved ones. At Polaroid Fotobar, you can use your photos to create many unique products like, Frame Art, Mounted Art, Canvas Art, Metal Art, Poster Art and more…It’s very easy to use their website. All you need to do is 1-Choose a product, 2-Upload your Photo, 3-Display your photo.Turn Your Photo into a Poster at Polaroid Fotobar – Save 20%

All their products are made here in USA!

Start releasing your trapped photos and decorate your world. Transform your favorite digital photos from your phone, computer or camera into cherished pieces of art. Turn Your Photo into a Poster at Polaroid Fotobar – Save 20%