Swimsuits that best fit your body. What kind of swimwear will compliment my body?

Swimsuits that best fit your body. What kind of swimwear will compliment my body?

Do you ask yourself, what’s the best swimsuit for my body type? We are bringing you some tips, ideas and products for the  best swimsuits for your body type.

Summer comes so quickly every year. We start planing for our summer vacations, traveling ideas, summer outfits and most important what to wear at the beach. Enjoying the beach with a stylish swimsuit that compliments your body is an important decision. We are all beautiful and want to look and feel beautiful at all times. Here on this page we are giving you guys some ideas on what kind of swimsuits that will compliment your body shape. Every women needs to know their body shape and be able to buy clothing and style themselves according to compliment their shape. Some shapes have smaller frames on top, some have large frames on bottom, and some are same from head to toe. Choosing the right swimsuit will compliment your aha[e and give you a sexier leaner look at the beach. We are gathering information on some of the best swimsuits for your body type, and posting it here for you to enjoy.

What shape are you?

What shape are you?

This graph will show you your body shape, Find out what shape you are. According to the shape you can check out the styles that we found for you.

The first one we will be talking about is the Inverted Triangle shape body type.

The inverted triangle shape has a braider shoulders or larger breasts and smaller bottom. For these body shape women we recommend swimsuits that will minimize the upper body to compliment the bottom. Best patterns for this shape is stripes. Here are few styles we found for you.

bathing suits

Nautica – Bow Line Halter Tankini Top

purple bathing suit

Hurley – One and Only Solid Bandini Top

Our Next body shape we will be focusing on is the lean column.

This body shape is straight and even from top to bottom. To compliment the straight shape you need to look for bathing suits that are even and straight, that doesn’t emphasize the waistline.

black swimsuit

Athena – Heavenly Molded Cup Underwire Bandini Top

red bathing suit

LUXE By Lisa Vogel – Pandora Sway Tankini Top

The next body shape is neat hourglass shape.

This shape is even on shoulders and hips, and has smaller waistline. With this shape you can show off your waistline as much as you want. Any bikini styles would look good on this body shape. here are few we found.

blue bathing suit

Ella Moss – Sun Stream Triangle Bikini Top

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